LifeSky 0.14

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This a cool Skyblock with trees, animals, a lots of ores and resources, cave, lake of water and lava pool. Objectives: 1- Make a cobblestone generator (easy). 2- Make Crafting table and furnace (easy). 3- Make a farm with sugar cane, wheat, pumpkins and melon (easy). 4- Make a beautiful house with wood and cobblestone (easy). 5- Make a animal farm (medium). 6- Make a monster trap (medium). 7- Make NETHER PORTAL (medium). 8- Make 6 differents colour of wool (hard). 9- Make 2 system automatic of Redstone (hard). 10- Make a Golden apple (hard). Play single or with others players and having fun ;) !!! Sorry i don't very speak english because i'm french !!!

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