Super redstone mansions

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2.1 Plz check Daly for updates This is a big house with many redstone contraptions including a 3 auto farms,piston door,garden,watefalls,a living room,a kitchen,2 bed rooms,2 closets,a jail,a bathroom!,a pool, a londry room,a door bell,a anti-nuke base,a secret factions base,a voult,a crafting room,a sugar cane farm,a auto pumpkin and melon farm,a super farm that makes wheat,potatoes,carrots,and beats, a extra house,a auto cooker,and a cusom nether portal and more! New mansion It has a bathroom,a few bedrooms,a fully automatic mob farm,and a bathroom My YT channel: My website: New 3rd mansion with a working elevator,bathroom,bedrooms,living room,and more + a redstone town with auto sugar cane farm,auto Mellon farm that drops 200 Mellons per minute!!. And,a gold,iron,bone,string,and gunpowder farm,and a cactus farm,multi farm,coblestone generator,wood farm,egg farm,3x3 piston door,2 storage systems,a working computer!!,an arena,nether wart farm,a snow farm,a bank,a super smelter,and more!!

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