Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin

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This is my attack on titan map it will have : Wall Mari (50 meters/blocks high), at least 7 killable Titans, Colossal Titan (60 meters/blocks high), Rogue Titan, a Titan Scale (All the heights are the same as they are in the show), At least 10 houses, And ways to get up to the napes... If this gets 300 downloads I will add : Armored Titan in Wall Maria, Improve Collosal Titan And Rogue Titan's appearance, start making Wall Rose(at least 7 killable Titans and at least 10 buildings), and MORE TITANS! ... If this gets 1000 downloads I will add : Wall Sina (At least 5 killable Titans and at least 10 building) with Female Titan and Rogue Titan, and make a forest outside the Walls with the Female Titan! ... If this gets 5,000 I will make Castle Utgard, Connie and Sasha's villages, the Ape Titan (17 meters/blocks high) and Titans Inside of the Walls and start taking requests... PLEASE SHARE AND ENJOY!

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