Fnaf 1and2

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FNAF 1and2 for Multiplayer Rules: 1.in FNAF 1 the Guard hit the lihgts out and go to his Room 2.all Animatronics go to his Places 3.when the door is open and the Guard is in the Camera is he Save 3.Foxi is the one animatronic they can Sprint 4. Warning! when Foxi is sprint and the Guardian is dont press the light can he break the Glass! when you press the button foxi go back 5.When the Guard was punching Form a animatronic is the Game over! 6. it is allowed that the Guard can go in all rooms when the games starting. and why?All 10 minutes must the Guard go to the Personliti Room and must press the generator(light Button)4times and he must hiding from the animatronics! 7.in Fnaf2 the Guard haven,t got cameras he must Go!in his Office Room he has behint the table two doors in there is a chest with a bow (Pistol) when the Guard must go to the Gift Box who is Marionette he have the bow to shoot the Animatronics away when he is in front of the box these stay the music box.The Guard must press the music box 15 times and he has 5 minutes time befor he must press the music box again. 8.when the Guard stay in front of the music box the Animationics must sneek to the Guard to punsh him when the Guard shoot of an Animatronic they must go to his place back! i hope this is a cool map and i upload Skins for the map. And pleas ride in the comments if i should upload my normal and Guardian Skin. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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