My Survival World (Ep.2)

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I hope u like it!! So hard for building this but worth it!! I have built this Survival,im not Cheating!! Follow me to be updated!! Every M-W-F updates!! What's New!! •Storage Room (Inside My House) •Farm •Watch Tower •Playground Item (Idk What U Call It) •Emman the pig cage •Refugee Camp Sign That's All!! Guys,Junior was Gone😢😢,I Lost Him. I was Going to mine And i thought i Leash Junior on a Fence But i did'nt And i came back after mining.Junior Was Gone!! But i Found new Horse!! I Called her Petra and i found a Donkey And i breed Petra And the Donkey.And i have now a Mule!! Social Media Acc: Twitter:@MrStephen26 Instagram:Soon Facebook:Soon Youtube:Soon What do u guys expect for Ep.3?? So Comment down below for suggestions!! THANKS FOR DOWNLOADING!!

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