Exciting News!

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Oh, my GOSH! Exciting news! Guy 1: What do you have to say for yourself? Guy 2: I don't know. Cheese? Guy 1: Don't you know 1+1?? Guy 2: I think I know that birds fly. Guy 1: Do you know what I just said? Guy 2: Yes, but trees fall when bikes pop a tire. Guy 1: DO YOU KNOW YOU MAKE NO SENCE? Guy 2: Yeah, roads are dusty when jackets spread jelly Guy 1: I am FIRING YOU! Guy 2: It'll burn. Guy 1: I mean fire you from your job! Guy 2: What on earth could that possibly mean? Guy 1: I'm your boss, and I can fire you, and you can lose your job. Guy 2: Do you like icecream? Guy 1: •_● I give up.

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