Bed Wars(VERY OLD)

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DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MAP! I BUIL A NEW AND BETTER ONE!!! -> Hey, here I bring a new map creation, by me. -Why it is like on Well, it's not the same. You have for each item a Chest. Over them, are frames with the item in it. You have to do the the number of bronze in the Chest (look at frame, to see how much it costs), and the item will need a few seconds to come out of the dropper. If you do fewer Bronze/Gold in the Chest, the item will not come. -Where to get Bronze and Gold? Before you play with a friend, you have to fly in the middle, and press the Button once (picture 2). On each Island is next to the waterfall a Button, press him once, then is the Bronze-source aktiv (picture 3). Please report bugs! PS: I did not have much attention to the appearance!

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