mansion of the undead

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hey guys and this is the sequel of "school of the undead" and in this one you find out who you are from the first one(the first one"school of the undead"was intended to be a arcade survival but I made a sequel so yeah....DEAL WITH IT)any ways you will only need two things for this and they are zombie apocalypse mod and the attack on titan swords texture (I'm sure you've already downloded my texture of it) so any way guys type in the comments bellow on what you want me to build next it don't matter if its a texture(nothing sexual)or a map(nothing sexual)or skin(nothing sexual unless related to a film or TV show/anime)and enjoy this amazing map I spent a long time making the mansion and funny thing is that when I spawned in the world I was automatically in a village! X3..........DO IT!!!!

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