Living With The Dead!:Part 3!

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Living With The Dead! Season 1 Part 3 Finding A New Ride! Story: After I killed my father,I get my car out of our garage.Then I left Town.While driving,I see the city wrecked!And filled with blood!While driving,a helicopter crashed near me.Luckily it didnt hit me.But the bad thing is.....Its blocking my drive way!I gotta find a new car to ride!But first let me see inside the copter!.Hmmm. Nothing interesting here.I checked every single car on the road but none of them are functional anymore!Wait Whats that?Its so shiny!She is beautiful!And..... Find out what Johnny saw by downloading this map! before downloading part 3 you must download part 1 and 2 first! -Johnny`s skin is made by Monsterrockz Dont forget to hit the like and dont forget to leave a comment! and also follow my Account for more update news from The Story map "Living With The Dead!"! This map Is best played with difficulty set to normal(with zombies!),A very low brightness,and best played in the dark!,and also download johnny`s skin from Monsterrockz I made this map for 1 day straight,Hope yall enjoy it! =)

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