Redstone House v2.0!+MobProof

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What's new in v2.0? ==+NEW STUFF+== -Trash Section. Where you can throw all your useless items from your inventory away! Just make sure that you don't fall into it! -Doors now only require one lever to close and open em'. -To make the house even more "Mob-repellent", a roof for the outside is added. Also an extra barricade is added on top. -Treausury room has been replaced with Mines. -Farming Section! Which is from the original map. -TREE OF FORTUNE SHOULD APPEAR IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE! What is the Tree Of Fortune you ask? From now on, I decided to give each of you a kit per map. Iron Kit is supported in this map. Thanks for 28 followers and 100+ likes!!!!

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