My Survival World (Ep.3)

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I hope u like it!! So hard for building this but worth it!! I have built this Survival im not Cheating!! Follow me to be updated!! Every M-W-F UPDATE'S!! What's New!! •Bee Hive and Honey.(From My Survival,Coast) •Horse Piñata •Secret Piston Door (On The Storage Room) •Lab •RomanR123's Shed (My Brother's Horse.StarTheLser) ShoutOut to @gamingcreeper19 for His Suggestion!! And ShoutOut to My Fellow Filipino Friend @DarkGamer09XD!! If u Want ShoutOut☺ Go Follow me and Make Ur Suggestion's at my Twitter With a pic.Just On My Map. SocialMedia Acc: Twitter:@MrStephen26 Facebook:Soon Instagram:Soon YouTube:Soon What Do U Guys Expect on Ep.4?? So Comment down below or tweet at me on twitter for Suggestions!! THANK'S FOR DOWNLOADING!!

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