100 Jumps - Parkour by MrShnig

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Hey there, it's MrShnig! Welcome to 100 jumps! 100 jumps is a parkour map made solely by me. It consists of many chambers that upon completion allow you to set a checkpoint. Checkpoints are available every 10th jump and are there only in the case of death. Play on peaceful so that no monsters spawn and so that you don't lose hunger. The map is multiplayer compatible, but keep in mind that once one person unlocks a checkpoint, that checkpoint is accessible by anyone. If you enjoy the map, please leave a like! Many hours of building have gone into it so if you see any reuploads of the map please report them immediately. I only upload to UTK.io; nowhere else. Please obey the rules listed in the map itself. Any recommendations on what map I should do next are highly appreciated. My favorite comments on this map will make it into the next! Thanks for reading, Sincerely, ~MrShnig

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