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Cag Cars Mod adds Real Cars to the world of MCPE. What is Cag Cars Mod? -Cag Cars Mod is a mod that where make to add some fun to MCPE by adding some few iconic cars around the world! What's so SPECIAL about the mod? -First Car Mod That Has Driftable Cars! -Iconic Cars From Around The World ///////LOGS/////// -FIRST UPLOAD -ADDED 3 CARS -TOYOTA SUPRA RZ -BUGATTI VEYRON 16.4 SUPER SPORT -2017 LAND ROVER DISCOVERY SPORT This might gonna be the best car mod after Mech Mod!Leave a like to support me and I will soon update it to have a few more new cars!Bye! ???How to install??? 1.Download the mod 2.Go to the internalstorage/utk/mods/and then extract the .zip file(the texture is also in the .zip file ) 3.Open Block Launcher and press the "RENCH" icon then go to "Texture Pack" and install the texture 4.Then add the mods!(there 4 of them just install the toyota suora rz.js,bugatti veyron.js,land rover.js the "view the cars.js" is a mod that you can spawn the cars and watch it move it self" 5.After that you just ENJOY! If the mod can't be download just click the link below. It will bring you to direct download of the mod Direct Download. There's also a link to MCPEUNIVERSE. Oh and here some onemore link.Just incase.;) !WARNING! -In the mod there might be some bugs! -CAG-

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