Bat Mounts Add-on

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This Add-on Supports 1.1.0 beta build 2 of Minecraft Pocket Edition ------------------------------------------------------------ Features: Bats -Now Tameable with apples. -Now Rideable -Now leashable -If health decreased you can heal them with apples. -To control the bat's flight use carrot on a stick. -Attacks hostile mobs. -Will not move when tamed and not ridden. -Drops Snowballs. -Throw the Snowballs to Summon the Bat ( untamed ) in survival Mode. Full tutorial in YouTube, read the Pinned Comment in the Video and be sure to subscribe. YouTube Tutorial Link ( must watch ) ------------------------------------------------------------ Possible Uses: •Transporting Multiple Mobs while flying using Leash. •Protecting your base. ------------------------------------------------------------ If not working Click this Link for both .mcpacks and add-on folders: Android Installation Guide: •DOWNLOAD the link above↑↑↑ •Extract the .zip file •Cut the BHP and RSP folders •Paste The RSP folder in Resource_packs folder in com.mojang •Paste the BHP folder in Behavior_packs folder in com.mojang And your done!!!

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