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Hello everyone! This is YummyHashBrowns here, and today I am bringing you an awesome mod. What it does is it adds the nether deminsion to mcpe! it has the nether portal just the same as PC. GOING TO THE NETHER when you enter the portal you will go to a place where the nether will be generated. Please be patiant. it will take 2 to 4 minutes to generate it. then you will be teleported. but don't worry, once it has generated the nether once, it will teleport you there and back very quickly. the nether is also in beta, it has a small chance to have some chunk glitches when it generates. usually for laggy devices. it is recommended to turn your view distance all the way up before generating the nether. this will prevent chuck glitches more. GETTING THE MOD AND TEXTURE (INSTRUCTIONS) after installation, you will need a file manager app. with it, you find the file Nether you will need to long click on it, press unzip, then copy the mod and texture pack to storage/sdcard/download. then go to blocklauncher, press the blocklauncher wrench, press "Launcher Options", go to Texture Pack, click it, press import, press local storage, press download, then one of the yellow files will have the mod name. press it, then it should be there. then exit Texture Pack, press Manage ModPE Scripts, press import, press local storage, press download, then find the yellow file with the mod name, but this one should say Nether Mod.js. press it, then it should enable. PLEASE NOTE: you HAVE to enable the texture first or it will not enable the mod. Tell me in the comments any mod ideas i should code, or any found bugs in this mod. PRESS THAT LIKE BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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