Ender Mod

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(THIS WAS NOT MADE BY ME BUT ITS AWSOME AND ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE CREATOR!) This adds the fun of the ender to McPe! its very legit and it comes with eyes of ender, ender pearls (you can teleport with then), and THE ENDER DRAGON EGG (which you can't break or really obtain yet)! It also spawns a legit ender dragon, the towers with the dragon healers on top. WARNING, THOSE NEED TEXTURE I THINK, I WILL CHECK THAT AND UPLOAD ONE IF THERE IS! also it is a bit laggy so do at own risk. also If u leave the world you will have to restart! Ender Portal I'd: 122 Ender dragon egg parts id: 180-186 ender pearl I'd: 368 Eye's Of Ender I'd: 369 Thanks for the support! Gammer66667

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