Marin's Mo' Swords Mod

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Hey guys! I'm new here, and this place looked awesome! So I decided to create my own mod! (Took 2 hours and 34 minutes) To use this mod, you need Blocklauncher. (idk if MCPEMaster works) Please give me your opinions! Tell me if there are bugs! (I'm also aware that it's uncraftable and it gives the effect to yourself, sorry) Every weapon: -Withersword -Withersword II -Withersword III -Techno Withersword -Ruin Runesword -Runesword -Awakened Runesword (TSBs below) -Blade of Ice -Blade of Poison -Blade of Starvation -Blade of Darkness -Blade of Strength -Blade of Life -Blade of Death (Next are Cutlasses) -Celestial Cutlass -Techno Cutlass -Demon Cutlass -Iron Cutlass -Ruby Cutlass -Glacial Blade -Ruby Sword -Ignited Blade -Flame Crysword

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