Blood Swords Mod --[=>> [//0.16x]

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---Blood Sword by Aternix(MySurvive)--- Today I'm going to show my greatest and bulky swords in Minecraft! Sword: 1. Blood Dagger 2. Excalibur 3. Blood Excalibur 4. Big Bertha 5. Dicer 6. The Great (Blood) Slicer Armors: 1. Blood Helmet 2. Blood Chestplate 3. Blood Leggings 4. Blood Boots Items: 1. Blood 2. Blood Shard 3. Blood Diamond Blocks: -Block of Blood Diamond All of the textures and some stuffs are extremely creative! (Able to work from: 0.14x//0.15x//0.16x)

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