Doctor who mod 0.15.x

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THIS MOD NEEDS A TEXTURE TO WORK PROPERLY YOU CAN GET THE TEXTURE HERE: Well everyone it's taken so long to finish it but my doctor who mod is finally finished here are the features and functions so far: TARDIS key: spawns the tardis sonic screwdriver: interacts with SOME not all redstone items, also removes the tardis TARDIS: now it wouldn't be a doctor who mod without the doctors ship would it? so far it's only bigger on the inside tap the top block to enter captain jacks vortex manipulator: allows you to travel to the nether just tap a block to place a portal block and tap again to remove. I know there's not much in it yet but it's still in really early development and there is a lot more coming so thanks and seeya. P.S. could you plz sub my YouTube channel I am a gamer and upload vids as often as possible you can sub here:

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