Reality Add-on V.1.0

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Supports mcpe 1.0.0 to beta. If not working click any of these links: .zip: .mcpack: ------------------------------------------------------- This Add-on makes your Minecraft PE world 95% Reality Accurate. ------------------------------------------------------- Changed (A-Z): •Bat -Now smaller and has less life. •Cave Spider -Smaller and more poisonous. •Elder Guardian -As big as a Puffer fish/Blow fish that has been Filled with air!!! •Enderman -As Tall as Slender man and more powerful with more health. •Endermite -Smaller •Ender Dragon -Smaller •Ghast -Smaller and powerful •Guardian -As Small As a real Gold fish does •Silver Fish -Smaller and more annoying •Skeleton -Doesn't burn in Day light •Stray -Doesn't burn in Day light •Spider -Smaller and more powerful •Squid -Smaller •Zombie -Doesn't burn in Day light. ------------------------------------------------------- I ? u all ppl who downloaded my add-ons specially for those who follows me? pls share ur love to this add-on Bye!

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