Manipulator Mod (V4)

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Chronomatrix: Freeze all entities in your surroundings. This include both mobs and things like arrows. Polarity Inverser: Change the world gravity for all mobs and have them ascend up into the sky. Atomic Deconstructor: Use this item to change the atomic construction for all nearby mobs and cause them to explode. Pyrokinetic Repulsor: Set all mobs on fire in an instant. Magnetic Drive: Killing mobs are easy, but getting the dropped loot is difficult – but no more! Use this item to pull all items to you. Voltezla: Cause lightning to strike all nearby mobs. Arachnocyper: Spawns cobweb on mobs which will cause them to get stuck. Timewinder: Rewinds the time. Both mobs and block will return to their original position. Nanovoid: This is a block which when placed down on the ground will pull all mobs to it. Xor: Used to craft these items. Compressed Xor: A block which can be used for storing/retrieving xor. It can also be used for repairing manipulator items(costs 1 xor per repair). Tap and hold the block with an Magnetic Drive to extract all the xor.

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