Legendary Amazing Mobs Add-ons

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How to Install Addon? 1.extract amazing mobs addons.zip 2.there will be able 2 files 3.copy Amazing behavior to games/com.mojang/behavior_packs 4..and copy Amazing resource to games/com.mojang/resource_packs 5.play MCPE v0.16 - v0.17+ 6.install addons by through your map 7.Dont forget to 👍 and Follow for next Upload :) 8.ENJOY! :) ============= DESCRIPTION ============= Legendary Creatures There is 7 I Think 😗 ● The Manticore (replaces the COW and MOOSHROOM) ● Giant Wolves (replace WOLF) are slightly larger than a normal wolf ● There are two types of Scorpions. The black one (replaces the cave SPIDERS) ● The Medusa (replaces Endermen) ● Little Dragons (replace Bats) are extremely hostile and will spit fireballs at anything which moves. ● The Ents (replace CREEPERS) are guardians of the nature. ● A Unicorn (replaces Horses) #Addons by Gona 😀

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