Mech mod

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How to use the vehicles? All vehicles can be crafted (see crafting recipes further down). Place down the vehicle by tapping with the vehicle item on the ground. Use a fuel can on a vehicle to fill it up. Press down your finger on the screen (in the air) and then move it over the vehicle. A Ride button will then show up in the bottom center of the screen. Once you’ve entered a vehicle use a fuel can (ID: 1001) to fill it up. Then re-enter the vehicle. Then use the Gas and Brake buttons on the right side of the screen and the normal controllers to drive the vehicle. Crafting: General Item(s) Fuel Can (1001) – 4 coal + 1 iron ingot Bulldozer The bulldozer is a construction vehicle equipped with a plow which can be used to clear the ground off blocks that are in the way. Bulldozer (2000) – 1 bulldozer plow + 1 engine + 1 dandelion yellow + 1 vehicle chassis + 2 cat tracks Engine (1002) – 4 flint & steel + 5 iron ingots Vehicle Chassis (1004) – 4 iron ingots + 1 leather + 1 glass pane Cat Tracks (1011) – 7 iron ingots + 2 large wheels Bulldozer Plow (1100) – 8 iron ingots + 1 dandelion yellow Large Wheel (1003) – 4 leather + 1 iron ingot and more! This mod is provied by MCPEDL.

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