Morph Mod 1.0.0+ By XxJohnTDRxX

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This is my first mod created by me JohnTDR, and it works too! Instructions for mod: 1. This mod only works in creative mode so it will only be found there. 2. Once you've spawned you will get a Nether Star named Morph tap on animals and mobs with it to morph into them. 3. Sadly (This Mod Can Only Let You Morph Into 0.14.0 Creatures!!!) Installation Instructions: 1. Download the mod. 2. Get BlockLauncher for Minecraft PE. 3. Open the app, and go to the wrench icon at the top! 4. Go to import Modscript . 5. Go to the + button. 6. Find your Downloads folder and tap on Morph Mod by XxJohnTDRxX (.js)! 7. Import it and then have fun with you new Morph Mod! (Mod Instructions above!)

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