Skeleton, creeper and shulker protect you

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Unique feature in this addon is 1. Skeleton, creeper and shulker on your side 2. Skeleton has 2,000,000 healts and is capable of making 500,000 damages. Can disappear and shulker bullet firing 3.zombie is able to transmit the toer toxic to the enemy 4.shulker bullet has an unusual ability 5.1 tnt can flatten housing 6.busur has no gravity 7.iron golem has 300 health .. And more how to install 1. install an application called ZArchiver in many play stores. 2. open the application, then find the folder for, then open the mod folder, then search modnya .. 3.If you have met you can extract it, by pressing a bit long, if it is open menu to choose, choose open as archive. 4. if it is in open, you will see the due file, ie behafior and resource_pack. 5.taruhlah file behavior into the games / com.mojang / behavior_pack folder 6. then the resources package file, you can put it in the folder Games / com.mojang / resources_pack 7. then open your minecraft game, and select the settings and enable the resource Behavior can be activated in the village that you will choose V1.1.1

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