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PC Minecraft Mod

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hello everyone! today I bring to you a mcpe mod that makes mcpe way more like the PC edition! this is version 0.1.3 (fourth version) so there may be some bugs. remember to comment them.
Heres what it adds:

/gamemode <mode> (changes your gamemode)
/gamerule <rule name> [value] (sets how the game works)
/time <set> [day | night] (sets the time)
/clear (cleares your inventory)
/kill (kills the player)
/setblock <X> <Y> <Z> [Block ID] (sets a block to a certian place
/spawnpoint (sets the worlds spawn)
/give <ID> [amount] (gives the player an item or block)
/suicide (kills the player)
/defaultgamemode (tells you the games default gamemode)
/help <page number | command name> (shows help)
/tp <X> <Y> <Z> (teleports the player to disired coordinates)
/summon <entity name> (spawns a certian mob)
/toggledownfall (turns the rain on/off)

Spider Eye (restores 3 half-hearts, droped by spiders)
Ender Pearl (dropped by enderman, cannot be thrown yet)
Golden Apples (Crafted with golden nuggets, restores 18 half hearts)
Golden Carrot (Crafted with golden nuggets, restores 16 half hearts)
Golden Nugget (Dropped by Zombie Pigman, crafted with a gold ingot)
Raw Mutton (Dropped by Sheep, restores 4 half-hearts)
Cooked Mutton (Obtainable by cooking raw mutton in a furnace)
Potions of All Types!!! (Only obtainable in creative, no brewing yet)
Fire Charge (Places fire, like flint and steel)
Zombie Head (Wearable, not obtainable)
Creeper Head (Wearable, not obtainable)
Wither Skeleton Skull (Wearable, rarely dropped by wither skeletons)
Steve Head (Wearable, not obtainable)
Skeleton Skull (Wearable, not obtainable)

Soul Sand (Player walks slower while touching)
Quartz Ore (Can be Mined and smelted by the player)

Create a nether portal frame, then strike the bottom with flint and steel (fire charges dont work yet) then enter the portal. You will be teleported to a area where the nether will be generated. this will take 1 to 3 minutes, then you'll be teleported. once you've generated the nether once, you can go there and back very fast. it's really cool.

Rain will occor naturally, but you can turn it on when you want with /toggledownfall. it also may slow down laggy or slow devices.

press my name at the bottom of the screenshots, then press view all uploads, then press texture pack. then download PC Minecraft Texture, and find it in blocklauncher, then enable it, restart blocklauncher then enable the mod. And you HAVE to enable the texture, restart blocklauncher, then enable the mod. if you enable the mod first it won't enable.
• Gamerules: doDaylightCycle & doNaturalWeather