The Farlanders PE (shaders not included)

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Hi guys! TheMutantZombie here with a new mod! I know i've been super inactive lately and i decided to submit a mod to make up for it! Item uses: Wand ore: Tap on stone while holding it in your hand. There is also a 12.25 chance of it working. Endumium: Hit an Enderminion or Mystic Endrrminion while holding Endumium to make it your minion. P.S that Enderminions cannot do anything for you right now. I was too lazy to add more instructions about the items so you'll have to find it out yourself. :) You will need Blocklauncher to use it. Credit to Fabiulu for making this mod. Credit to MasterPE3 and ElectricGames for porting this mod.

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