*Funky Add On Mod Pack!*(please read the description)

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The first mod pack by me! This is an add on designed for android minecraft pe. Instructions to install, get es file explorer, download mod, go on es, extract mod to games>com.mojang, then move the behaviour folder to behaviour_packs and resourses to the resource_packs folders in com.mojang, finally go on minecraft play a new world with the resources and behaviour pack ! Modifications so far: Skeletons have 15 health, shoot fire balls,drop gunpowder and have had some range modifications, Bows and arrows, well let's just say we forgot the bow part and replaced it with and explosive laser blaster... creepers decided to get sporty, finally zombies have some different equipment ghasts now shoot rapid fire and their fireballs no longer explode This is a work in progress ps sorry bout the screen shots:( If u read all of this comment '#Funky'

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