57857190: End City Close to the Central

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Gracias Ha #mcpedl.com por la semilla (seed). Found by: Enderplayer611 How to find the End City? Going to the End requires an End Portal. There are a few different ways you can do this. If you are in creative mode then you can get the necessary blocks and items in your inventory. If you are in survival mode then you need to find a stronghold structure which includes an End Portal room. 12 End Portal Blocks12 Eye of Ender Once you’ve arrived to the End you will find yourself in a small room on a huge floating island. Just above from where you are there are lots of endermen and an ender dragon flying around. Find the area as seen in the image down below and then fly straight ahead for a length of 200-300 blocks. Quite soon you should reach some floating land masses. And then just a little further ahead an End City. There are more of them around this area but here’s proof of at least one End City. Semilla (Seed) 57857190

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