Jungle Villages & Surface Dungeon

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Here’s a really cool seed which includes multiple desert villages situated on the border of a jungle and a little further away you will be able to find a surface dungeon. A surface dungeon is simply a dungeon which has been generated above ground. Once you’ve spawned turn to your right and walk in that direction. After a while you should reach a desert biome and on the left there should be a small sand village. Continue straight ahead past the first village and you will get to a second village. It’s not much of interest as it doesn’t have any blacksmith, but it’s neatly situated on the border of the jungle and desert biomes. Anyways, continue straight ahead until you reach a third village far out in the desert. In that village there’s a blacksmith and in the chest you will find the following items: 1 iron chestplate 4 iron ingots 2 apples 6 bread 2 gold ingots 1 iron sword 1 saddle

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