A Village And A Cave With 3 Spawners

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At spawn go to northwest and you will see a village with a cave under the blacksmiths. In the cave there's a 2 spawners with a mineshaft.And at the mineshaft there is another dungeon.At the right side of the village is a jungle biome. So if you add it,it will be:Village with obsidian and iron boots+Cave full of lapis lazuli with golds and irons+jungle biome+3 Zombie Spawners in total+Mineshaft with a few minecart with chest in it=TOTAL AWESOMENESS.This is true because I'd checked it before I upload it.But the little problem is,it's really hard to find.But I'm positive that there will be a mineshaft and 3 spawners inside the cave.I hope you find it and please comment anything or like this seed if you want.That's all I have say.Bye???.And I forgot to screenshot it.So there will be a few pics of this seed.Sorry?

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