-326097049: Five Villages in one!

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A quintuple village is in fact five villages combined tightly together making it look as one entire village. These kind of villages are incredibly rare but every time we come across one our mind is blown, and yours will be too. When you have spawned in the seed turn completely around and on your left there should be a river. Go straight ahead following the path of the river. (If you can’t find the village watch the video) In total there are three separated blacksmiths in the quintuple village. The loot in them combined are as following: 2 iron swords 2 iron boots 2 iron ingots 1 iron leggings 5 apples 8 ink sacs 2 saplings 1 bread Some of the houses look quite messed up but in a cool and interesting way. The surrounding biome is diverse as there are three different biomes (savannah, desert and a flat grass landscape) surrounding the place. Found by: dave_23 Seed: -326097049 This seed is provied by MCPE DL. More awesome seeds are avaible at mcpedl.com .

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