Multi biome seed + desert temple and spawners

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⭐Amazing seed⭐ found and explored by EverGamesMC This seed is ideally for survivors, because you have all you need close to the spawn and many different kinds of wood for your building adventures, too. I put a map into the screenshots as a little help :) This seed contains: ➡huge cave ▪2 spawners ▪some diamonds and lapis lazuli ▪much iron, redstone and gold ▪lava ➡red desert ▪desert temple behind it ➡normal desert ➡huge forest ➡ocean ➡and much more! ❤? ;) Follow me to stay up to date? Don't forget to check out my other uploads!? ✴Thanks to every supporter✴ I don't want to be copied! So if you want to upload something of my work, please put me into your description. Thx :)

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