All Biomes Seed

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There are lots of different things to explore in this seed and most of the exploration sites are close to the spawn area. The spawn on the border where several different biomes meet. On your right you will find a medium sized savanna biome. Straight ahead of spawn you will find a double village located in a vast desert biome. The double village includes two blacksmiths. This means there are lots of loot you can collect as soon almost as soon as you’ve spawned in the game. Here’s a full list of the items included in the blacksmith chests: 14 Iron Ingots1 Iron Boots6 Bread1 Iron Horse Armor10 Oak Saplings1 Saddle1 Iron Sword In the same desert where you’ll find the double village there is also at least one desert temple. This is another great place to find some valuable items, but you just have to watch out for the trap. (Don’t step on the pressure plate in the treasure room.) The treasure room is located under the temple. There are a lot of different cool areas you can explore in this seed. For example, another cool area close to spawn are these extreme mountains. Seed: -505794890

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