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Hi guys this is a Roleplay server that ppl goes on and have fun and we have some good ranks for free we have some premium one such as staff _____________________________________ We Are Celebrating 300 Like with a New Survival SMP WORLD At the Server Even Tho its as Late As Fudge ------_______________________________ Pls donate to keep the server alive donate by using for android : Leet.cc donations _________________________________ Guys thanks for supporting the server and thank for the likes today we celebrate 300+ likes on the server we could have gone this far to the server without u all thanks for supporting our server and we can't thanks you enough we reach a huge milestone thanks to you all ppl thanks and keep on supporting the server piece out _____________________________________ IOS AKA APPLE: Leet Co Payment i think lol xD Have Fun and Enjoy Piece out keep on Gaming and Donating

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