AvengeTech - Twisted Factions

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 LIMITED TIME OFFER: Use code "paris" on wither for a $10 discount! WHAT IS AVENGETECH? AvengeTech is one of the most action/feature packed servers you'll ever need! Combat, skill, and sportsmanship are all key features to enjoying AvengeTech. WHAT CAN I DO ON THIS SERVER? You are asking what you can do? Hah! There are a boat load of things to do here on AvengeTech! Let me go through a list of everything we have to offer: ==================== TREASURE HUNT Mine underground to find chest filled with various items, such as CrateKeys, tools, weapons, armor, or food! FACTIONS Factions is the key to unlock the fun in AvengeTech, join a faction (or make one), build your tough team, and defeat the other factions! INSANE PVP PvP is one of the coolest features in the server, battle your friends and foes in our large arena world! Show off your skills and fight for #1! NETHER, EXPERIENCE, MOBS, AND HUNGER You've probably noticed that most servers have hunger disabled, which really takes the fun out of survival and factions, luckily you found us! Buy food in the ingame shop to replenish health! You can gain experience aswell by killing raid mobs! Buy mob eggs in the ingame store! DRUGS AND GUNS Drugs? Guns? Score! Buy seeds in the ingame store to grow drugs! Harvest your drugs and sell them for big deals of cash! Vote to get one gun with 32 bullets! ==================== So, what are you waiting for? Come take part in our rapid growing community! Over 100k have already experienced the fun, why don't you too? Kik Group: #AvengeTech Email: Support@AvengeTech.net Shop: Shop.AvengeTech.net Twitter: @XFuryMCPE

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