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Hello Everybody HeroCraft Is Back But with A Special New Event Called The Time Travel Event Heres How Its A time Travel Event You Spawn In A Time Machine You Can Go To The spawn Which Is Sorta A Colliseum From Medival Times The Shop Is Made Completely Out Of Wood Like Its From The Old Times And The Battle Arena Is From The Wild West So there You Go Also First Person To Join Gets The Rank Mod For Free 2nd Person Gets The Builder Rank And 3rd Person Get A Member Rank So Dont Wait Join Now Also Wanna Become A Staff And Your Not The first Person Just Donate Its As Easy As That Also Feel Free To go watch My Youtube Video on The server The Creator Of The Server Is MinedRacer And We Have two CoCreators First One Is Poopcake20 And Second one Is gamingknight Dont Worry There Freindly So Go On The Server Build Craft Fight With Your Freinds And Create your own Faction With Your Freinds And build Your Base So Go On Play Also When Watching the video Dont Forget To Subscribe To Me So Have Fun On My Server And Remember To Watch my Video And Donate Video Link Right Here > https://youtu.be/H6zmMZFEFqg <

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