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ok a poem, made by me. its called: Nights Boredom. I'm getting bored, of being bored, you may think, this is dumb, but, is how I feel. No, no, is not words, is what is happening, now, here, this moment. Midnight, no one, only the brightness of my phone at my face, the only place, with light. Everyone is sleeping, my bros, the neighbor dogs, my dad, the cops, the delinquents, the drunks, the good folks, my friends, the everyone. Only me, (and the soccer's fans.) alive at this moment of "peace". (cause people kill they self for sports.) With my phone on mute, I only hear the motorcycles and cars passing by my house. And, I'm here, sleeping alive in the sofa, to don't let die my infinite keyboard typing. (ok that was a poem xD)(I got to sleep, that is the only thing left for today cya guys and peace out don't let the bed bugs bite.)(yeah and I made the poem with facs that was really happening.) [Good night!]

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