A Sister Location Theory.

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Well, I saw the Whole Gameplay Of sister location, Here's A theory. The Little Girl Talking between Each night Was the One Slaughtered By baby Because Of the minigame. If you Complete the Minigame, A Orange Hair girl Will walk next to baby (Similar to the one in Fnaf4) Baby Will Demolish The Girl, And I'm Pretty Sure The Soul Posses The Baby Animatronic. And The voices Said Stuff Like Asking to see A Certain Animatronic (Baby). And You know how She Saves You and Helps you? Well the Part When she Sends You to The Scrapping Room, You get killed And I Believe That Baby Becomes Purple Guy. Cause At the end It shows A Reflection Of you. And Opens The eyes. She Also Said "We need you to Hide. The Scraper will only Hurt once." Who agrees? o3o

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