Story time: toss cookies

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ep: 3 Toss cookies I have terrible migraines that are triggered when I smell something strong or look at something bright. sometimes they end with me tossing my cookies. that's how this little story formed. In the first grade I was in R.T.I. they had a really strong air sensie that started to give me a head ache. and on top of that, that day I had a really mean substitute teacher. I kept telling her that my head hurt but she told me to walk it off. AND I WAS SITTING DOWN! as every minuet dragged on in class I started to feel worse. Then the sub wrote a letter to my teacher about how slow I was in class. at that point I had it. I felt a little rumble in my stomach as I noticed the subs shiny black shoes. 1...2...3 Blaahha.Toss went those cookies right on that ladies feet filling the room with a worse aroma than the sensie. You should have see her face. when ever I feel sad, I replay her reaction in slow motion in my head. yes, I was sick, but I was saticfied. hope you like that episode of story time!

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