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Hi Guys So My New Outfit Is Pink Again Now So My Hair Dye Is Back Again LoL XD And So My Cat Ear And My Tail Is CatEar -> Pink And Tail -> Orange & White So I Hope Like It Guys Plz Be Like And Follow Me Michi: Hi Pink! Me: U Again! Michi: Nya Well I Love For Alot Ur Skins Me: (-_-)? Really..... Michi: Nya Yup Me: Okay Fine..... Michi: Yay! Tnx Pink! Me: Ok Bye...! Michi: Nya Bye Guys Michi-----> (^3(–-–)<-----Me: Stopping Michi Michi For By: Minecraft Dairies Roleplay Is Aphmau Stay Safe! See Ya Guys! <3 = ♥

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