#1 Q & A

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Answers of Q & A! @Katx: Will you ever give me a shoutout? @Unimoeka: Sure yes! Check my blogs tomorrow! @CuteGirl244cats: How are you? @Unimoeka: I’m good! Thanks! ^ @Starry_Gaming: Will you give me a shoutout? @Unimoeka: Sure! ^ @Starry_Gaming: What is your favorite skin you made? @Unimoeka: Everyone of them! :3 @DailySpider2880: What kind of music do you listen to? @Unimoeka: I listen to music made by computers. ^ @CAMEON1k: Make a YouTube channel. @Unimoeka: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClMwufUcCwbQuWAeFQ2FKWA @Kawaii_Oreoz: Do you like oreos? @Unimoeka: YAss! And chocolate chips! :P Goodbye angels! 🍼👼🏻 ♡×

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