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Hahahaha oh my God guys!! A big funny scene listen listen pls! xDDD STORY:Luffy's crew came to the island of women ... unfortunately Luffy got sick ..... I guess .... and the women knew how to cure it! But first ..... he had to wash it! XD! By washing washing ... well .... a woman said: OH HELL SEE!THIS WOMAN HAS A MUSHROOM INSIDE THIGH! And the other: Oh poor thing ... strength eradicate it! The woman: Ok * It pulls pulls pulls pulls and succeeds xD * oh sure cabbage is not that complicated ... Here comes another woman who says: let's burn that mushroom ... the other woman: No wait! We call the wise old! * Comes the old lady ... * Women1: WISE OLD PLEASE HELP THIS WOMAN! It HAS A MUSHROOM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TWO HIPS! Wise: Oh yeah sure ... but ... you lift up the foam can not see anything! * Women blow on the foam ... * OH MY GOD! But ...! Women: wise old woman who happens! Wise: ... she ... IS A MAN! * All women with open mouth and surprises * Women: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! XDDD OMG!

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