Tnx For *300 Likes!* (^-^)

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Hi Guys Tnx For 300 Likes Yay! So My New Skin Is Good My Pajamas Lol XD Is Dalmatian Doggy! And So I Hope U Like It Guys Plz Be Like And Follow Me (^-^) Wait A Mins Ack Michi Wat R U Doin Here!(6-6) Michi: Yay! U Did It! (9-9) Hehehehe Me: Oh Not Again (T~T) Michi: Nya Yup I'm Here With U X3 Yay! I'm So Happy U Did! Me: Mmmmm!...... Why Again Tell Me Michi! Michi: Nya Yeah Yeah Kind Of Cute Pajamas Pink Hehehehe Me: (T~T) Mmmmm.......Kind Of Stupid Come On Bye Guys Michi: Don't Say Stupid Pink But U Guys Plz More Likes Hehehehe Bye! Michi--->(^3(T~T)<-----Me: *Crying* Michi For Minecraft Diaries Roleplay From Aphmau \(*^-^*)/ Stay Safe! See Ya Guys! <3 = ♥

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