Marshmello Pack (New Beta)

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Created by Aternix: IMPORTANT: THIS IS AN UNFINISHED AND UNTESTED BETA VERSION. THIS MIGHT BE UNSTABLE FOR EVERYONE'S PHONE. IT MIGHT CRASH AND RUIN YOUR GAME! Sorry for delaying, I've been busy for doing my schoolworks! This is a beta version of the Marshmello Resource Pack. (Created with and Medibang) Current Beta: 0.5.6 v -Some PNG files in "blocks" and "items" folder were reshaded, replaced and redrawn. -Added more PNG files from lastest version of Minecraft PE. Next Beta: 0.6.5 v - Pack image will be changed sooner. - Model of chain mail will be redrawn. -and more!... Also, please give thanks to @sgarfRNBT for helping me to finish this pack!

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