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another bio?😒 ~ about me~ Name: Nicolas (Mikołaj) Age : 12 Born : 13th July 2005 Sport : Basketball Favorite in free time: Fishing🎣 From: Poland ~ utk. io ~ BF: SPL1TSO Series: Epic Minigames, Seeding, Camouflage skins ~ important! ~ Follow me➡I follow you! If you want to help me, like my uploads to reach next rank! Don't steal my maps, if I see one of my-made maps, I report upload. ~ community~ Last followers: InsanoBandido65 Yellow_Wolvve ElitesInUlity Followers: 444 Likes: 7,9K News from Beta_166: "I go fishing!" I am going to fish at least 10kg carp! 3 Days of fishing, maybe will be blog about adventure and fished fishes :) ~ goals ~ 👍Likes 7K ✔ Thanks! 8K❌(~~100 Left) 9K❌ 10K❌ 👥Followers 300✔ * 400✔ Thanks! 500❌ * 600❌ bye! Bio updated: 18th August 2017

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