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Hey. I'm 15 Fav clrs: Black and Navy Here's some stuff I like pranks anime memes photography heavy metal percussion/guitar skateboarding art/drawing being alone smelling plastic (Can't get enough of them plastic *sniffs intensely*) Here's some stuff I dislike people (I'm not even kidding) people who pity me drama (It's everywhere) *Trigger warning* People who write like this "I liek chez". You'll probably be like "Well, you used to write like that". Yeah, that's true, at first when I started utk I didn't write like that though but later on, I changed my writing from all my skins and stuff from "normal writing" to whatever that other writing is. (Tbh, I was just trying to annoy ppl and mimic others.) (Idk how to explain) Anyway, some ppl did get annoyed.

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